Your LIGHT is Your PURPOSE + PASSION and it wants to be ignited RIGHT NOW because (trust me on this)
the world needs you to bravely show up as the person you were born to be.

Hello Dreamer!

I’m Adera, and through my business and visibility coaching, I turn Dreamers into Believers into Leaders. Light Leaders.

Your Light is your voice. It’s the glow of your purpose and passion.

You are born with your light, but it gets dimmed under the stories we are told or we tell ourselves.

I do what I do because women like you have gone unheard for too long! Your voice deserves and needs to be heard.

My purpose is to be the spark that ignites women to share their light. My mission is to awaken, support and amplify LIGHT LEADERS so that together we can create the change we want to see in the world.

Illumnination Process

With my Illumination process I help women transform their Dream into a reality that they Believe in with all their heart and rise up to Lead in their own right.

I help women build a successful business by unearthing what they want to say, crafting how to say it effectively and giving them a platform to share it with the world. Over the past decade, my work in the world of online video and public speaking has not only allowed me to build a network of Light Leaders, but it has given me the opportunity to help build Light Lighters and shine their light through video and speaking. I have never been shy with my light and my gift is seeing your light even if you can’t and fanning the flames into an inferno that cannot be ignored!

Adera LIVE is an interview series where we profile women Light Leaders doing brave work in the world by following their heart’s desire and their voice. This show will inspire and uplift you to lead your own life of purpose and passion.

Adera LIVE airs on Facebook every Thursday at noon (12pm PST) or you can catch the replay on Youtube.


It’s simple.

Together we’ll build a successful business that you are proud of that not only shares your light but feels so aligned with who you are and what you are on this Earth to do.
My gift is easily pulling out of you what you really want and why (the BEING SEEN part). Then helping to craft and package what you have to say in a way people will hear you (the BEING HEARD part).  Then connecting you with the people who need you most and offering a platform to speak and share your voice (the BEING RECOGNIZED part). 


Adera has been featured in:

“Adera, I knew that I wanted you to Emcee this event, but what you brought was so much more that I ever expected. The pictures of you on stage are so moving and inspirational and I hope that every participant enjoyed it as much as I did. YOU are a beautiful free spirit, and I love the energy that you bring! I would recommend you to anyone – not only as an Emcee, but also as a Coach!”


Event Producer and Nutritionist


with my 5-minute self-love meditation.
Listen to it daily for 21 days and watch your life change.