Hello Gorgeous! First off I want to say, I see you. 

I see the light in you which I call your passion + purpose even if you can’t quite yet. 

 I know you know that you are here

on this planet for a reason, you just

might not be able to articulate yet

what it is or believe in yourself enough 

to pursue it.

That’s where I come in.

I was put on this planet to help you

discover and live your passion + purpose 

in life and in the work you do.

So let’s begin, shall we? 



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“Adera is keen, quick and finds your personal strengths that you can apply to your business model. Adera has helped my business achieve new heights and has connected me with so many incredible people, one of which is Delta Cable and now I’m going into my 3rd season of my own cooking show” JOHN KAVANAGH

Seahorse Grill


Adera is a Spiritual Life + Business Coach to women who believe they are change-makers, creatives, and innovators looking to create powerful movements and messages with the work they were born to do.

She is also the Co-Founder and Director of the award-winning video + marketing company SPIRO Creative.

For over a decade Adera has been helping Entrepreneurs share their passions and their purpose with thousands through TV, video and live events.

She started her personal brand to help women step into their light so they could share it with the rest of the world with ease and confidence. 


Adera is a champion of women who are ready to share their deep wisdom and conscious creations with the world so we can lift more people up!

Watch the video or read Adera’s “becoming an entrepreneur” story to see how she got her start.


“Adera, I knew that I wanted you to Emcee this event, but what you brought was so much more that I ever expected. The picture of you on stage are so moving and inspirational and I hope that every participant enjoyed it as much as I did. YOU are a beautiful free spirit, and I love the energy that you bring! I would recommend you to anyone – not only as an Emcee, but also as a Coach!”


Event Producer and Nutritionist


Oh, I so get it! Let’s break free and let your light shine together. Join my Ignite Your Light program (valued at $197) as my gift to you.