You were meant to LIVE YOUR LIGHT!

I just want to say first off, that I SEE YOU. I see the light in you, even if you can’t fully quite yet.

What lights me up most is seeing you light up by revealing your truths and setting the course for living a life you’ve always desired. I do this through my signature program LIGHT UP delivered through one on one work or in an intimate workshop setting. My specialty is working with creative, positive change-making entrepreneurial women who want to connect with their higher purpose and unique self-expression.

I am a truth illuminator and we get down to the real YOU by asking the hard questions:

Who are you?

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

By asking these questions and allowing time for the true answer to emerge, you can start to create a life of meaning. But it also takes a community to fully actualize your dreams, and I can connect you with that as well. As a natural born connector and communicator, I am always meeting new people and opening new doors. I can help you to walk through the right doors to find your purpose and your people.

Have you lost your sense of adventure? Have you stopped asking WHY? Maybe you were told not to ask questions as a little girl and now is the time to reclaim your curiosity and ask yourself what kind of life you really want and why! If you want to dance to the beat of your own heart drum, come be inspired at my next event or mini-retreat.

Welcome to my world. I am so glad you’re here!


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Adera is a motivational speaker with a deep background in storytelling. As the co-founder of SPIRO Creative, an award-winning video production company, and the host of Passionpreneur TV, she has mastered the art of helping people connect with their truth. Using the insights she has gained helping leaders and entrepreneurs tell their stories, she teaches people how to get real and share their light. This is the wisdom she now shares with audiences and groups across the globe.


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