“My whole world changed after and during workig with Adera. She has a way of tapping into your deepest desires and pulling them to the surface that makes it effortless and so undeniably right. I changed my diet, my work, my attitude, and my relationship for the better in just a few short weeks. And I am more confident than ever before. I recommend any woman looking to tap back into her passions + purpose (a.k.a LIGHT) to take action and do something about it and Adera will help!”


Let’s Work Together  

There’s 3 different ways to do it:

1. Come to a Retreat or Workshop and see if I’m the right kind of Spiritual and Business Development Coach for your needs. 

2. Book a Complimentary Call with me to discuss your requirements and I can suggest some ideas of the best ways to begin. 

3. Join a Coaching program I offer. 

Or if you’re ahead of the game and just need someone to showcase your light then head on over to:


“Adera helped lift the veils of illusion that were hiding me from myself. Adera’s questions forced me to look more closely at my life and business choices. I found my own dusty light, cleaned her off, and started in the direction of my true life’s purpose. I’m so grateful for Adera’s wisdom and contagious positivity. My business has grown 60% since our work together which I continue to do.”

SANDI JOHNSTON - www.natureinstead.com

My Work is For You If: 

You’re a Women Entrepreneur ready to take your business and leadership to the next level by infusing more of your spirit into your work and daring to share it with the people who need it most.

I provide an experiential approach with personalized private or group coaching sessions designed to boost your confidence and create unshakable clarity of purpose like never before. 

My goal is to bring out the true you in your dream business and beyond and help shine that light onto the world. 


But first, you need to witness and trust your light deep within. 

“Adera has a gift of unveiling the light within you, even if you don’t believe you have one. She is incredibly supportive and with her guidance you can tap in to your highest potential so you can live your life on purpose,  in your business, stay in your zone of genius, and be a fearless leader!”


Annaliisa’s Organic Kitchen

You’ll Learn:

How to remain confident, clear and intentional in your purpose-driven business. You’ll liberate your authentic spirit within and allow yourself the freedom to be who you want to be!

You’ll Walk Away Knowing How To:

  • Make a clean break from your light-limiting past
  • Create space to listen to your purpose and desires
  • Engage in activities that bring your authentic self to life
  • Meet new people who support your path and encourage your success and growth
  • Get out of your funks within minutes
  • Open the door to new possibilities + opportunities which I’ll help to provide
  • Feel confident in being vulnerable by “putting yourself out there” and having fun while doing it!
  • Create a prosperous business full of meaning by following your purpose and inner wisdom. 

Your Transformational Coaching Package Includes:

* A printed copy of the L.I.G.H.T.U.P. handbook delivered to your door with a special welcome gift picked out just for you.

Includes Free Shipping!

* A 40 min Invocation Call including an Oracle Card pull to declare to the universe what you wish to achieve over our time together. 

* (7) 40 min coaching calls to mastermind the week’s learnings and create an action plan for next steps. Plus video and audio recordings to keep you accountable throughout the week.

* (1) 60 min marketing mastery call to put together the personalized strategy for you and your business going forward. 

* (4) 30 min follow up coaching calls to make sure you’re actioning on your marketing and promotional plan.


BONUS 1: Recharge 1 Day Retreat on Vancouver Island –valued at $197

BONUS 2: $200 off the SPIRO VIDEO CLUB

Plus you’ll have access to our Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share insights or connect any time. 

12 weeks of 1:1 Coaching Plus BONUS Retreat and Video Credit 

$997 or 3 monthly payments of $350

(If you choose the group coaching option it’s $545 or 3 payments of $190 and doesn’t include the bonuses)

“Adera creates an easy to follow program that got me thinking about what I really wanted from life and what my next steps would be. I was acing at being a Mom and an awesome wife but I knew there was something more for me, I just couldn’t pin down exactly what. After the program I enrolled as a Holistic Nutritionist and nailed a dream job teaching kids to Garden at an elementaty school. I feel more aligned in my work than ever before and I was grateful for the space Adera provided to reflect and go within for the answers.


Start being who you want to be!  

“What I loved most about this program is that it really awakened the need for more in my life, my eyes opened to the world of focused self-care and self reflection. Many people go through their day on the surface, but I felt this program really helped me to dig deeper and start working on the real me. Because of Adera, I was able to repair a relationship with my sister and to forgive myself for my past mistakes. This program combined with some personal wellness has helped me to move forward. Adera is my cheerleader in my game of life!!!!

DINA STUEHLER - Ironworks Cafe

“I had the pleasure of partaking in Adera Angelucci‘s group coaching program and it was fantastic. Working with Adera was a breath of fresh air! She made each session safe, comfortable and allowed each of us to explore thoughts and feelings without judgment! This type of program is something that is not second nature to me, however, going through it with Adera, it sure eased the transition to be more vulnerable and open, something that is not easy for me. I certainly recommend this to anyone looking for spiritual and self-growth especially as a business owner!”

Mindy - Co-owner at Island Home Furnishings

I recently participated in Adera’s Group Coaching and it was wonderful to be supported by such a great group of ladies. Adera is such an energetic and wonderful leader who took us each on a journey of self-reflection and transformation. Through the group, I came to realize some self-limiting beliefs I’ve placed on myself over the years. As I journeyed with the group I was able to reflect on what I truly believed about myself and what message I wanted to share with the world. I highly recommend her group for any women who’s on the entrepreneurial journey and wants to feel supported and lifted up as they build their business and share their unique light with the world.

Sharon-Rose McNeil - Honor Sales

“Adera’s Group Coaching was a journey that I didn’t know I needed. It allowed me to clarify my business goals and align them with my personal values. As a busy mom and a wife in an ambitious career, we can sometimes get lost in the whirlwind and feel a bit overwhelmed or alone. This group was a great way to identify some strategies I can use, learn what self-care means to me, and to be more focused on my goals.


Edward Jones - Financial Planner