Are you ready to take the truthful plunge into your business and heart’s calling? Then this is the program for you.

Here’s how our 3 months together plays out: 

It Starts With Purpose: 

During our first 4 weeks, we will uncover your purpose by lighting up the real reason you want what you want and what it will take to get it. We will put all the pieces in place for you to step fully into the life and business of your dreams.

Light Up Board BONUS! Worth $500

This will be created by us in person so you know exactly where you are projected to be once our time together is finished. 
Think of it as a business and life plan to get to where you want to go and feel on Purpose every step of the way.

Once we’ve discovered your Purpose we will dive right into Presence. Action is needed now.

Your 4-week presence plan will include marketing, branding, video, photography, social media, and website support and guidance.
Don’t freak out. You will be ready and we have your back every step of the way.

Retreat Time! That’s right.

You and 3 other fabulous women business owners will get together at my chalet in the woods and get down to business.

The video, photography, and marketing hands-on help will all take place on Vancouver Island BC. All you have to do is hop on the ferry or catch a plane and we’ll pick you up on the other side. All expenses paid for a gathering like no other offered anywhere else, (excluding travel costs). We will not only rest, relax and rejuvenate with some awesome meditations and forest walks but we’ll also get your video, photos, and marketing done. This is an intense yet inspiring 2 fun-filled days.

After we ignite your business with a brand new video, photos, and marketing you’ll have 4 follow up group coaching calls with me and your marketing team over the following weeks to make sure you are focused and on track. By week 12 you will be ready to dive into the final Prosperity stage.

We will be creating your own unique Prosperity Formula with my teammate Chantal Schutz. She is going to get real with your numbers and set you up on a trajectory that feels so good because it will be aligned to you. If you follow the plan (your unique Prosperity Formula) you will be on your way to making the money and impact you have always desired. HONESTLY – DOES IT GET BETTER THAN THIS!? This includes 4 weekly check-in calls with Chantal and I.

AND THE BIG BONUS (besides saving thousands of dollars and time bringing this all together by yourself) you get a free ticket to Adera’s Annual Light Retreat.

At the end of our 3 months together you will have a clear understanding of your purpose and how you will uniquely infuse that into your business. 

This powerful coaching, retreat, video, photoshoot, marketing, financial planning, and promotional help promises to create the change you have been waiting for. 

You’ll feel so united with your higher calling and confidence especially in your work that life will be a dream.  

Your Assets

  • 13-weeks of coaching to uncovering your purpose, presence, and prosperity with Adera & Chantal (cost $1500) 
  • Lightup Board to keep you clear on your goals and supercharged through out the year. Including a 1/2 (VIP) Day with Adera  (cost $750)
  • (1) Brand Story Video showcasing you and your business. Your video will become your client magnet. (cost $2500)
  • (1) Photoshoot (with 4 different looks) to use in your media and marketing (cost $850) 
  • (1) 2-day Retreat at my place on Vancouver Island with your -picked for you – marketing team. (cost $2000)
  • (1) Prosperity Formula created by Chantal and Adera specifically for you (Business + Financial Plan combined) (cost $550)
  • A group of like-minded, open-hearted businesswomen who will support, encourage and grow with you (cost priceless) 
  • Marketing, branding and promotional materials for social media and your website. Whatever you need help with, your team of experts will be there to assist you. (cost $1200)
  • A Free Ticket to Adera’s Annual Light Retreat (cost $750) excluding travel.

TOTAL PRICE: $10,100 but look below we are offering it for less than that! 

There is no program like this on the market. It includes all the materials you would need to uplevel your business and life. You will feel so united with who you really are and what you truly want that your business + life will undoubtedly change forever! PLUS you’ll have the support team to see it through. 



A coaching and marketing/media offer like this could easily run over 15K. I’ve seen much less than what I am offering for much more and in US dollars!!

UNITE is half the cost. $7,500 Canadian (plus GST.) This can be paid all upfront to save 5% or in monthly installments of $2500 over 3 months

We begin UNITE February 1, 2019. This program is only open to 6 women 3x a year. February, June & September 


Have Questions or Want to Apply?


Book a call with me to being the process.


Love + Light to you always,



get ready to be blown away…