I believe nothing happens without it.

I’m starting to realize that life only works through partnership. I don’t know anyone who ‘did it alone’ without the help of another. I used to say (and maybe I forget and still say it from time to time) that “I did this, or that” not taking into account the person or people that help to bring said “it” to life. It’s easy to get caught up in our self-importance or self-identity and take credit for the things “YOU” do. Yet, if you look back on any one of those instances, were you not supported by someone? Someone who gave you the space, the freedom, the encouragement, the know-how, the finances, the strength or the idea?

To commemorate Valentine’s day, I wanted to give a shout out to all the partners that I have had in my life. Not just the love relationships, but the connections, collaborations, and unions I have made over the years with hundreds of people. They have all elevated my existence and assisted me on my journey.

All great companies I know, work in Partnership. So if you tend to want to “do it alone,” maybe rethink your motive for that and see what it would be like to acknowledge the partners and people you have around you that want to support you and rise with you.

A new idea is birthed every time we work together.

I DARE YA to celebrate your partnerships today!