In my meditation this morning it came to me, “why are we always seeking new things, like furniture, cars, clothes?” Because these things make us feel good about ourselves in some way. When we have those things, we have feelings like “I made it, I am of value, I am better than, I hope I look like a big deal and I supported someone I care about.” I know for me, when I got my dream car (my Mini Cooper) I thought, “I’ve made it! I am now successful.” Yet success or any feeling doesn’t last as long as the thing does, but we think it will. 


Feelings come and go as fast as you can purchase them. 


These ‘things’ are tokens of our preserved status or hierarchy in our little world. Because you are not really competing with everyone, you are just secretly competing with the people you care about or compare yourself to. “My life is going so much better than yours because I have this or that.” This is a hard truth, but if that new TV or that new pair of shoes didn’t ring some status symbol bell for you, I would call you out on your bull. You don’t buy uncomfortable shoes for you – you buy them for other people to look at. And you most certainly don’t buy the coolest TV on the market without having your buddies over to watch a game.


I do really admire people who don’t seem to have this ‘new stuff feeds a feeling’ need. They are quite content with their 20-year-old sofa and unmatched bath towels. But I wonder if that also makes them feel a certain way… like, “I’m not wealthy, I don’t deserve nice things,” or they truly believe they don’t have needs. Maybe that has it’s own symbolism as well. 
The reason I think this came to my mind – sitting listening to the universal messages swirling about, hoping to catch one and riff on it – is that we are creating too much. We are in constant creation, needing this, wanting that, and we are causing a lot of harm to our environment and ourselves because of it. And at the end of the day, aren’t the trees and nature and people more important than all this stuff? So when can we get off the stuff bandwagon and start to find good feelings within us without it?

That was my question.


And here was the answer I got: If you are able to find a sense of value, deep connection, joy, worthiness, confidence, and assurance just in yourself without anything else, then you are truly enlightened and deserve some praise. You are healing our world from the inside, thank you.

If those feelings can come from the inside without having something tangible to prove it, that’s total victory in my eyes. 


We don’t need to prove our worth to anyone but ourselves. I don’t know why this worthiness became such a source of contentment – maybe because people over the years have tried to beat it out of us to show power over our own free will and our spirits have just carried that burden for too long. It’s time to let it go. We can choose differently. We can choose not to associate a full feeling with a thing. We can choose to get it from helping another, volunteering, restoring our planet, meditating, nature, our family, friends or something that truly fills us. 


Because at the end of the day, all people are looking for when they purchase something is a way out. A way out of their struggle or unhappiness or their unsatisfactory life that they somehow got themselves in (by their own choices, may I add) and they need a little fix, a little something to bring them just an ounce of joy or delight even if it’s going to cost them in the long run. Not only figuratively – the planet won’t be able to keep up with our compulsion for stuff – but also our wallets.


Keeping up with the Joneses. Who cares about the Joneses?! They are unhappy.


So what is your answer?
What kind of need do you have for material things?
What things pull you away from what really matters in your life?
What stuff did you buy because you were feeling crappy about yourself?
What stuff do you own that you feel like you deserve because you have “arrived’ in some capacity?

It’s all a part of the rat race, it’s all a part of our need to be, look and feel like something. Why can’t we just BE REAL, admit our craziness, recognize where we’d like to improve and do our best to fix our inner turmoils so we have the energy and time to help the need of our people and planet? 


My side notes about stuff and where to spend your money. 
If you feel like you would like to decorate your house or your space in a ‘you’ kinda way, well there are many thrift stores and artists who can create things out of recycled materials. And there are always people getting rid of stuff! Be on the lookout and say “hey friend, when you’re done with that, I’d really like it.” I basically decorated my entire living room that way. 
When it comes to local artists, buy it if you love it. Support our local change-making creatives. 
If you are going to spend your money on something, buy anything to do with self-discovery, development, and expression. That is money well spent! That goes right into the long-lasting fulfillment tank. 

Support charities and organizations that are in the world helping people. 


Start to pull your spending away from bad business, people out to make a buck or destroy our health and our nature.
Look into funding campaigns and people doing good work like developing new technologies that help people and our world.  

As I move into being an even more conscious consumer, I was reminded of my need for things and wanted to share what intel I received. I hope you are also able to take a look and see where your spending habits come from and if they are feeding a feeling.

Love + Light