I got to chat with one of my dearest friends Sandi Johnston today about the importance of connecting with Mother Earth. I popped her LIVE cherry today. She has never done Facebook live before and I gotta say, I take some pride in being her first. It means so much to me to be able to elevate women’s voices and the amazing work they bring to the world that so aligns with their purposes.

Sandi cares so deeply for our own bodies and our planet. She shares with us the secret to Comfrey Balm if you’ve never heard of it before. 

In this LIVE we talked about what we want human hearts to open up to. “Crimes Against Nature” need to stop but we first have to start loving ourselves and seeing the connection between what we are doing to ourselves and ultimately Mother Earth.

We talk about how we can build a conscious consumer.

When the veil between us and others is thinner that’s when empathy, compassion and love can start to take over and we can heal ourselves and our planet.

Please take a listen to this conversation. It’s the most important one I feel like we can be having at this time. This is a huge wake up call for all of humanity. What if life and sharing wasn’t considered inconvenient? What if we could reconnect with self and shift our perspective of what we deem important?

Sandi says “Our personal suffering is because of the tension and eversions we have towards our own truth.”

What if we put nature and the truth of life first?