We all know that the environment and our planet is of paramount value, but we have taken it for granted. We get so much from Mother Earth but it is our duty to take care of her, and we (the masses) are doing a shitty job of it at the moment.

Would you agree?

If so, don’t miss my conversation with Connie Linder from Intengine, The Engine For Good, which helps you find socially and environmentally responsible suppliers for your home or business. You can bet we will be joining. But it’s more than just signing up, it’s changing the way we’ve been doing things. We all know change takes time so everything you do that isn’t environmentally sound needs to be looked at and redefined. Her company helps you learn how we do that. I know I need help with that and if you do too then I encourage you to check it out.


FIRST STEP: Be intentional when purchasing and start to see how much plastic and nonrecyclable things you could be buying throughout your day and multiply that by the billions. You can see why our planet might need some help. I have been immersed in conversation around this very topic for weeks. I didn’t know that I had a plastic coating over my business cards that can’t be recycled. I didn’t know how much plastic was in everything that doesn’t get recycled. I didn’t think about the number of feminine hygiene products used and how that’s filling the landfills. I’m switching out my business cards for my next batch, I am monitoring and minimizing how much plastic I buy and I switched over to a DIVA CUP and now I gotta figure out how to use the bloody thing. No pun intended.

But little shifts create big shifts when we choose to do it together. So let’s choose it together, shall we?