I’ve always wanted life to be easy for me. I don’t like feeling stressed, overwhelmed, overworked or exhausted. Things I find hard and things you find hard are very personal. For instance, I find it hard to make myself go to the gym which is literally a few steps from my door, whereas you might find it hard to pick up the phone and cold call someone but you would rarely miss a workout. It boils down to habits, talents and skill in my opinion. If you’re already habitually good at something or something comes easy to you then it’s not hard and you’re usually game to do it.  When something is challenging you and you don’t want to be challenged then you don’t do it.

But that, of course, is where the growth lies.

When you hear the voice calling you away from the thing that really matters to you and you don’t have the willpower inside to turn towards it and do it anyway then you won’t see the fruits of your labour. So my advice would be to get very clear with what matters to you most.

You can find a coach for that 🙂 (ME!)

Then make a list of the things you know you could do to get there, even if it’s hard. It matters. It has purpose. It’s what you want, so don’t deny yourself that. That’s not love, and remember we are here to love ourselves and the ones around us. Then if you need an accountability coach (again ME) to keep you on track and hold you to your dreams then so be it.

Besides the basic human needs, I can’t see your money being spent on anything greater than reaching your goals. If you need support, get it. I know for me on the eating and exercise front I need a coach or someone consistent in my life if I want to make any significant change because history has proven that I am unable to do it alone. I have tried and I keep trying but if I want actual results I need someone around me 3x a week to keep me on my toes. And it has to be in an enjoyable atmosphere. I keep thinking I can muster the will power within my own being to do it myself but I recognize I haven’t built the stamina yet to sustain it. That’s why a coach is key for me.

I am recognizing too that I need a coach to help write my book, as sitting down to write seems to be a hard task for me to do alone. So, HARD, when there’s a goal involved, is good. It means you are on the right path. And you can choose to make it less hard on yourself if you choose a coach or someone to champion your cause with you. Or you can struggle alone and find that your weight or your book are still not where you want them to be (3 years later – talking to myself) and make it extra agonizing on yourself. WHY? That’s what your people are for. Support. Allow yourself to be supported.

If you want to book your free discovery call with me (where you’re promised an ah-ha or inspired action guaranteed) then take this opportunity to reach out. I would love to hear about your big dreams and goals.

It can be hard and it can be worth seeing the payoff. 

Love + Light