Where does a story begin and a story end? It’s really tough to say when it comes to my life because each story has led to the next, to the next and on I go. I keep evolving, changing and getting more clear on what I would like my life’s work to be.

But I suppose this is as good a start to my story as any: 

I was a curious, outgoing, fun-loving, experimental and strong-willed kid. I always want to know why that was, or why things were done in certain ways. I still to this day ask my husband these questions and it drives him bonkers. I guess I am looking for the root of it or the reason behind it, so I can better understand. I also love to ROCK efficiency – well, my ego does anyway.

In school I had a hard time focusing. But I loved drama class and anything to do with performing. My all time favourite thing was when there was an air band or a talent show. I would gather up anyone I could to perform with me and we’d make up some creative dance or performance number. Oh, how I love to be creative in this way. I have a whole history here with dress up and dancing (but that’s another story).

I started working part time at age 16 at the same place my father, my brothers, my aunt and my cousin all worked: Safeway. It was once joked that I was conceived there because that’s where my parents met. I grew up in the store, helping my manager dad do the rounds with staff and eating cookies out of the bulk section when no one was looking. I was going to be a good Safeway employee and keep the Angelucci name going… until I got fired. Disgraced.

Cole’s Notes: I made a sandwich for my boyfriend when he forgot his lunch. He worked in produce and I worked in deli. He didn’t pay for it. So I was stealing essentially, but I had been doing it for so long as a kid that I didn’t really think twice about it. But my Dad wasn’t a manager at that particular Safeway – so I was hooped.

Fast forward: I think—and I am not exaggerating here—between the ages of 16 to 26 I had at least 60 jobs. One year I had 11! I was on the move, just trying things out. Learning the thing, getting bored of the thing and moving on from the thing. Oh, did I mention I had A.D.D (or so I was told)? I decided to rebrand it: Adventure. Determined. Desire. See, I was meant to be an innovator. Right? Right??

At age 26 my 3rd firing-induced breakdown hit. I am really embarrassed to say this but I got fired again from what I thought was my dream job. (However, if you think about it, having 60 jobs and being fired from 5 or so isn’t really such a bad stat, is it??)

I was working as a promotions coordinator for the biggest radio station in Vancouver and I was abruptly kicked out of the circle. (Another story for another time.)

However, months before I had seen a new movie called PS I Love You, starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank. I FELL IN LOVE with Gerard’s character. He was a stud! Irish accent, perfect body – oh, I just had to get me one of these. I had been single for about a year and I was ready for hunky Gerard. So what did I do…? I packed up my things, got a working visa, took my $900 cash and got on a plane to Ireland to meet my love.

When I got there, I discovered four things:

1. Turns out Irish guys like wearing track suits.

2. A lot of them don’t have very good dental hygiene.

3. They sure like to drink (way more than me).

4. Gerard wasn’t from Ireland, he was from Scotland. I had the wrong country.

I stuck Ireland out for 9 unromantic months, and then headed back to good old Vancouver. I had no home to call my own, no money, but a newfound purpose and poise in my step. I had found something while I was there. It wasn’t the love I was searching for, but it was the love that I needed. It was my own.

I nailed another dream job upon my return: running across the country for the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. I had never really run a day in my life before, so that was, as you can imagine, interesting. But fun. So much fun.

After that experience of a lifetime I landed another dream job working as producer and host of a travel tv show. Man, this is when things really started to get on path. That led to the Dream of all Dreams: my very on tv show, GoToGal.

Things really couldn’t be better. I was flying high, creating my life my way, and doing what I absolutely loved. And then it happened.

I met my dream man, Ryan.

My Gerard Butler was my age, my nationality, my height (I’m over it now) and my kind of guy, inside and out. Ryan was who I was always searching for, and when I stopped looking he appeared.

And so we have been creating our dream life together ever since. It’s been five and a half years (where does the freaking time go?) and every day we are tweaking what we are doing, what we are offering and where our time goes. Yes, this drives Ryan a little crazy at times, as he can never get too comfortable. I’m always moving, shaking, stirring or questioning… it must get exhausting and I am working on chilling out. I just don’t want to live a day that I don’t love. So we work hard at always keeping that top of mind: how we can both live a day ADERA loves!  I kid. I mean WE—which is a word I love to say when it suits me. (I joke.)

So I suppose I got us to the present and the present is this: 

There isn’t one way to get to your heart’s call. You have to keep inquiring and not be afraid to try something new. EXPERIMENT. It’s the best way to build your confidence because you will run into: NO, FAIL and/or FIRED. And that’s all OK. Then, you get to pick yourself back up and do it differently in order to get closer to where you want to go.

If you don’t, you won’t. It’s that simple.

If you stop yourself from experimenting then you cut yourself off from what you truly want. Who you are is determined by the actions you take. If you are action-less you won’t ever get to know yourself. There is a whole world inside of you that is begging for you to listen up and act out. The TRUE LIT-UP FREAKIN AWESOME YOU is on the other side of your fear and failure. I know it’s annoying but I am living proof that it’s true. 5 “You’re FIREDs” led to four dreams coming true.

It’s not great math but it’s something.

If you’d like to explore your inner world, join me anytime. I always have so program, event or retreat on the go. The opportunity is always there to know and be yourself – you just have to seize it.

I love you, now go live your dream! 

I dare ya to be the difference.