I just finished a 3-day meditation workshop with Jay Suttonbrown and I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you. You may think of a 3-day mediation class as a monotonous thing, us sitting on a mat for hours at a time. While I did occupy a space of 2 feet by 6 feet for most of the class time, it was an expansive experience, to say the least. We transitioned through guided meditations, gong, mantra, laya, silent walks, and journaling.
Meditation is the state of contemplation and self-communication at such an intrinsic level that you tap into your subconscious. You are deepening your understanding of your full potential and limitlessness. You are the creator, creating creation. How does that feel?
Through meditation, we can relax and realize there is nothing for us to do except be. The life we may wish or desire will arise by being, without judgment or fear holding us back.  If your being is asking you to create, then we must do our best to listen. If it’s asking us to rest, then we must rest. If it’s asking us to act, then we must act. Through meditation, we are able to dismantle whatever constraints or obstacles we’ve put in our own way.
We have the inherent right to choose our own unique path and or infinite unfolding. It’s what some would say magic, yet I am starting to understand it as truth. What’s right? Only you know that for you, deep in your heart, and meditation gives you access and the chance to listen and explore it. There is so much to unpack and uncover and explore within your own being. Meditation is a miraculous adventure.
My 3-day trip showed me where I was stuck, where I still had work to do, what I had a hard time letting go of and what I was willing to allow. My meditation showed me what I am here to create and what I am at my core – A light being.
The bliss in this knowledge is indescribable.
Better than chocolate.
Now to allow the miracle to unfold and keep practicing being the person I choose to be. That’s why it’s called practice. 
Excerpts from my journal: 
Inside of me, I notice: Fear of the unknown, questioning so much in life, what it all means. Who am I, why does it matter.
Outside of me I notice: Peace and that so many things are right and beautiful. Quiet, so quiet. Not sure what to do with all the quiet.
The space within the space is: freedom
The space outside the space is: wonderment and the great mystery.
“Give Myself Freedom to Enjoy the Wonderment of Life.”
I allow myself to perceive and act on my inner wisdom. Sometimes my inner wisdom doesn’t feel based in knowledge or tangibility. Sometimes I ignore it for this reason. Or sometimes it’s my ego acting like my inner wisdom. I choose to perceive and act on my inner wisdom even if I don’t know where it’s taking me.
Happiness creates a beautiful homeostasis in the body. My role is to seek out and participate in happiness from a soul level.
If you’d like to try a meditation or yoga class, you can check out Jay Suttonbrown in Nanaimo. She’s one of my dear teachers and friends.
Lynda Honing and I will be teaching a meditation, reiki, yoga afternoon in South Surrey, Saturday, November 24th from 12-4pm ($40).
Awaken Your Light Retreat is January 18-20th at Tigh Na Mara – ticket info here.
My free 5-day Ignite Your Light within workshop will launch soon, get on the list to receive it as soon as it’s ready.
Whatever you choose to do, do it with love and light.