“I feel passionately compelled to share what an absolutely amazing experience I am having working together with Adera Angelucci co-owner at SPIRO Creative . She just simply goes ABOVE and BEYOND to help me navigate the world of video in support of my business and sharing my art with the world. She delivers value far beyond what her initial promise was at the start of our work together. I am so grateful for you Adera, for being in my life at the right time, and for all the support you are offering me. Thank you, from my heart.”

Deb Chaney - Comtempary Abstract Artist

“Being the first guest twice with Adera on Passionpreneur TV was fun, empowering and actually not hard at all. Something about being in Adera’s presence makes it easy and natural to have a conversation about your business and share its light. Do it! It’s super fun and you get to share your business!”

Christie Wengranowski

“Adera has always been up to big things, following her passions. I’ve always admired her from afar and decided to take the plunge an join her women’s retreat in 2018.  It was awesome! I didn’t even know really what I signed up for and it far exceeded what little expectations I had. I only knew two people and left connected with many. My favourite takeaway of what Adera created was a safe environment for vulnerability. Allowing people to speak their truth in the sharing circles. I loved how everything flowed. It was a good mixture of business and soulful connections.” Julie Sidorak

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to be part of the event this weekend. You did an amazing job and you made a difference in so many lives. I just love the work you do. You are one powerful women.” Annette Sharpe

“I met Adera at a networking event and was drawn to her spark right away.  She is just so dynamic, enthusiastic and one of those women who genuinely likes and supports other women. We got to chatting and when I told her about launching my new business she started firing amazing ideas and suggestions at me, things I wouldn’t have thought of at all. She clearly had loads of expertise and experience and knew what she was talking about. I hired her right away to get me organized and set up my website. She knew the aesthetic I was going for and made it happen! She also did 2 videos for me and I’ve had so much positive feedback from people that have seen my website. I booked several clients within a couple of days of my website launch! I could NEVER have done any of this without her.”

Gail Baines - Release and Heal Emotion Code Practicioner

Adera sees the best in people. She works tirelessly to help everyone step up into their dream, and removes roadblocks so they can share their gifts in the world. She is talented, funny, a true light in the world. Thank you Adera!

Jay Suttonbrown - Manipura Yoga College

“Spending time with Adera in both her coaching group and weekend retreat has been truly inspiring for me. Adera has a way of getting to know you very quickly and finding your light – that thing that lights you up and how to tap into it with joy and confidence. I don’t know how it happened but somehow with Adera’s guidance and inspiring encouragement, I found myself finally creating a video interview series that has been on the back burner for literally years, and had an amazing time doing it!  I actually saw myself as confident, entertaining and as someone making a difference.  It’s still in process but I now feel that I can move forward with it to completion and step into the person that I’ve always envisioned myself to be.  I highly recommend engaging Adera to help you tap into your highest self and potential.”

Linda Mackie

Linda Mackie Photography

“Before Taking Adera’s Coaching Program I didn’t think I had any limiting beliefs. And by being unaware of those limiting beliefs I see now how that was holding me back and making things more difficult than they needed to be. Being a part of a small group of women who are all on this journey together, supporting each other was so incredibly powerful.” Brenda Adams - Personal Training Collective

“I joined Adera’s Coaching Program because I was feeling like I had lost myself. The last year of my life had been very challenging, and I was feeling like a HOT MESS! Barely existing and not being present. The program helped me set a foundation, and begin to think about my future, and where I wanted to go. Adera is AMAZING and her energy inspired me to remember who I am and who I want to be. I now feel unblocked, and have a sense of direction. My vibration is a lot higher, and I have a lot more clarity in my life. Things are starting to fall into place. I’m even attracting the right people to help me get to where I want to be! Duette Anderson

Do it with Duette

“Thank you Adera! Thank you for the space. Thank you for letting me get what I needed to fix the crack in my foundation. Thank you for the nourishment. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to get a way for deep listening (it had been a while) to discover what I needed to move forward. I feel like I have a new understanding of my needs and how to fulfill them.

Ashley LeBlanc - Om Wellness Victoria

“Adera is so easy to connect too, she’s real, open and honest. Her program helped me get a better understanding of who I am, where I want to go and how I’m going to get there. I have learned to be less self critical and that it’s OK to be vulnerable. Thanks to Adera and my group I am running at a higher vibration.” Tracy Gibbons


“Adera’s group coaching program has been life-changing for me. I couldn’t believe it the other day when I realized that it was the evening and I hadn’t felt any anxiety all day! It’s also helped me to become more familiar with living in my light, and much easier to return to my light when I’ve shifted out. Adera has taught me to celebrate all my successes, not just the big ones. And the AWESOMENESS of having a group of women who understand what I’m going through because they have similar challenges was unbelievable. This is an amazing program Tina Shaw - Realtor

“We recently had Adera emcee for us at a very important fundraising gala…she also stepped up and facilitated our live auction. Results speak for themselves as we raised $38,000. Adera has a natural way of engaging her audience right from the start. Her warm, authentic, inviting personality captures the hearts and attention of those to whom she is speaking. She is professional, prepared, and the perfect fit if you are looking to entertain while staying focused on the cause. I would not hesitate referring Adera to any group large or small. You won’t be disappointed.” Dawn Adams

Event Organizer for Camp Choice

“Thank you Adera, I hope you know how much of a relief it was to me to be able to leave my baby, Toys for Tots in your trust worthy hands. Thank you for your enthusiastic yes. You make such a difference.” Rebecca Thuro

Abbotsford Food Bank

“Adera is a real champion of business people. She is always connecting people. She never stops working for her clients once they are in her network. It takes a specific kind of personality to break down someone’s walls in order to get to their core, to where their story is. Adera has that power, because she’s completely passionate about small business owners.” JANE STARK

“Oh I absolutely loved our retreat weekend together! The women – the connection – the laughs – the brainstorming – hot tub – kundalini yoga. I had so much fun. It felt absolutely right. I felt supported and encouraged. The reflections and brainstorming I received lead to me developing the core of my message a week after the retreat. The catalyst to this clarity was the retreat. Look, if you know Adera you know what a bright light she is and you know anything she puts together is going to be awesome and will ignite the fire in you. So just do it!”

Laureen Card


“Adera’s retreat reignited the fire within me. As a relatively new business owner, the weekend provided a space for me to reconnect with my vision, reaffirm my value, and refocus on who I am and what I want out of life. It was an opportunity to develop meaningful connections with amazing women, and to learn and grow together. I came home with a renewed sense of peace and belief in myself.”