“Adera’s retreat reignited the fire within me. As a relatively new business owner, the weekend provided a space for me to reconnect with my vision, reaffirm my value, and refocus on who I am and what I want out of life. It was an opportunity to develop meaningful connections with amazing women, and to learn and grow together. I came home with a renewed sense of peace and belief in myself.”



To one of our experiential and immersive women’s retreats. Reconnect with your heart, redefine your purpose and rediscover the impact your message can have in the world!


We host small and large retreats anywhere around the world.

We are known for both our casual yet pivotal ladies sleepover-style retreats as well as our transformational, luxury resort getaways that welcome 40 or more women…
and every type of retreat in between!

Our retreats guarantee space to connect to nature, to each other and to our true selves in an accepting environment – RETREAT YOURSELF. 





“Casual,  Introspective,  Experiential, Inspiring, Encouraging, Grounding, and Hysterically Fun!”


Our ‘sleepover’ mini-retreats are hosted at Adera’s beautiful Ladysmith home on Vancouver Island.  Bring your favourite PJs and revisit the slumber parties of your youth, complete with air-mattresses, midnight fridge raids, and fun with the girls!  If you’re young at heart, but prefer more adult sleeping arrangements, then we can arrange accommodation at the local hotel for an additional fee.


“It was delightfully laid-back, lady-time with some seriously soulful take-aways.”


We will discuss and muse on business, relationships, spirit alignment, deepest desire, dreams or whatever you need to get off your chest to help you own your unique self-expression even more.


“We arrived as strangers and departed as Soul Sisters.”









Those traveling from the mainland will start the retreat on Friday morning with a 10:15am ferry ride over to Duke Point, Nanaimo. If you live on Vancouver Island, you’ll meet at Adera’s home, along with others, at 1:00 pm Friday afternoon. 


Then our afternoon, evening and morning the following day will include the following activities:

  •   Journalling
  • Meditation
  • Yoga/ Kundalini
  • Dance & Movement
  • Silent Walks and/or Nature Hikes
  • Soul Circle & Sharing
  • Business Builder Group Coaching
  • Speaking Confidently & Living With Purpose
  • Hot Tub and Pool time
  • Deep restful sleep and naps if needed


 OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES (additional fees apply): 

  •  Adventure Course or Bungy Jump at WildPlay 
  • Boating & Kayaking (weather permitting)
  • Wine & Dine Night

* Catch the 5:45 pm ferry home on Saturday evening!


This one night, two day mini-retreat, including food, pick-up and drop-off at the ferry terminal, is $275.00 per person.  Our next retreat is November 15th-16th and spaces are limited, so email us below to reserve your spot and RETREAT YOURSELF!

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“Oh I absolutely loved our retreat weekend together! The women – the connection – the laughs – the brainstorming – hot tub – kundalini yoga. I had so much fun. It felt absolutely right. I felt supported and encouraged. The reflections and brainstorming I received lead to me developing the core of my message a week after the retreat. The catalyst to this clarity was the retreat. Look, if you know Adera you know what a bright light she is and you know anything she puts together is going to be awesome and will ignite the fire in you. So just do it!”

Laureen Card


“Adera is a real champion of business people. She is always connecting people. She never stops working for her clients once they are in her network. It takes a specific kind of personality to break down someone’s walls in order to get to their core, to where their story is. Adera has that power, because she’s completely passionate about small business owners.” JANE STARK

Want to come to the next mini-retreat?

Leave your email above and we’ll send over dates to our next one! .  

Cost for the one night stay including food, pick up and drop off at the ferry terminal is $275.00 per person. 

(extra costs would be parking at the ferry terminal, your walk-on fee, hotel if you choose to upgrade and excursions or extra pampering.) 


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to be part of the event this weekend. You did an amazing job and you made a difference in so many lives. I just love the work you do. You are one powerful women.” Annette Sharpe