My Story

I was a rebellious, A.D.D. diagnosed only child with a big personality and an even bigger desire in my heart: to help people break free from who they think they need to be and become the spirit they were born to be.

In my 20’s I built a wealth of experience working in business development, sales, marketing, promotions, event leadership and media with Rogers Radio, Chum, Corus Group, KVOS TV, Coca Cola, and Royal Caribbean International. Those were some of my fondest memories. Those positions allowed me to gain invaluable skills in Marketing, Media and Entertainment. I got a good glimpse of my light through the work I was doing. 

I took an intern job as a Producer/Director/Host of a travel TV Show where I first got a feeling for TV Production. I had a dream when I was 18 that I wanted to own my own TV Show one day and thought this position might help get me there… and it did!

I became an Executive Director and TV Star on my own show called the GOtoGAL which aired on a local TV station. This was a huge actualization and dream come true for me. 

I met my husband working on that show and we decided to open our own video storytelling company SPIRO Creative. We share stories of good people doing great work in the world. We’ve been fortunate to tell over 2000 stories of amazing people creating positive change and love the work we get to do together. We’ve even won 2 awards! I also started my own talk show called “Passionpreneur TV” that aired on Telus Optik. 

Being behind the lens on video shoots I would see so many people, especially women afraid to really shine their light. They’d let fear, anxiety, or worry hold them back from being who they are. They’d be afraid of what someone would think or say about them. Or they didn’t think they knew enough or were ready to step into the spotlight. 

My heart craved to help these women with big heart messages show up more confidently and share their light freely with the world. I wanted to help them achieve their business desires so together we could create more positive change in the world.

Hence why this website was born. And my mission is to create a world full of LIGHT LEADERS; women who feel self-expressed and soul-aligned in the work they get to do – that make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

What I believe will happen once we all liberate our light within is we’ll create new dynamics on how the world works and what we deem important. And best of all we will change the way we do business to be PRO people and PRO planet before profits. This is my big vision, my big “WHY” and YOU are an integral part in that change.

Together we will create a world where everyone feels free to show up exactly as they are and build businesses that matter.

My all-time favourite thing is to work with small groups of women in a retreat or online setting. I love to speak and travel where ever my light is needed.  A new day with a new experience, meeting new faces is my happy place. 

5 Fun Facts About Me: 

1. I recently moved to Vancouver Island to write my first book. 

2. I’m a Kundalini Teacher and have my Reiki Level 1

3. I love to teach Improv and airband with my girlfriends. Check out #dancepartyfriday on Facebook or my Adera and the Lightfinders Music Video.

4. I ran across Canada with the Olympic Flame in 2009-2010

5. I’ve traveled to 19 countries and plan to visit India, Australia, South East Asia and the continent of Africa in 2020! 

Some other cool life experiences include: 

* Moving to Ireland to meet Gerard Butler but realizing I went to the wrong country

* Working as a Personal Assistant and traveling via private jet

* Organizing 100 single wing aircrafts to land in the Yukon.

* Meeting Robin Williams, the Barenaked Ladies, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Michael Beckwith, Gabby B, and Rebecca Campbell.

* Co-Hosting with Red Robinson and Mark Madryga

* Getting fired from my promo gig at a big Vancouver radio station because I was too busy chasing love

* Managing a folk band

* Doing my first stand up comedy routine at Lafflines

* Sledding down a Volcano in Nicaragua

* Wearing a gown in Venice so my boyfriend could take Vogue like pictures of me in St. Mark’s Square

* Jumping out of an airplane and just this year bungy jumping.