How to Capture Your True Essence On Camera

How to Capture Your True Essence On Camera

Chelsea and I have been friends since the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. We got to know each other well while we traveled across Canada for 90 days singing, dancing and hugging every Canadian that came out to see the Olympic Flame. It was quite a wild time for us. We would chat about our hopes and dreams on the bus. Chelsea said she wanted to be a photographer and I helped her start to piece together some business ideas. Cut to 10 years later and Chelsea and I both followed our dreams and have made them our realities. She is a soul sister and fellow Light Capturer, Indeed.

In this LIVE we talked about the 3 ways someone can show up as their true essence on camera. I even threw in a bonus tip. 

Find out about the AWW factor and how to show up as YOU every time.

Saving the Planet One Human Heart At A Time

Saving the Planet One Human Heart At A Time

I got to chat with one of my dearest friends Sandi Johnston today about the importance of connecting with Mother Earth. I popped her LIVE cherry today. She has never done Facebook live before and I gotta say, I take some pride in being her first. It means so much to me to be able to elevate women’s voices and the amazing work they bring to the world that so aligns with their purposes.

Sandi cares so deeply for our own bodies and our planet. She shares with us the secret to Comfrey Balm if you’ve never heard of it before. 

In this LIVE we talked about what we want human hearts to open up to. “Crimes Against Nature” need to stop but we first have to start loving ourselves and seeing the connection between what we are doing to ourselves and ultimately Mother Earth.

We talk about how we can build a conscious consumer.

When the veil between us and others is thinner that’s when empathy, compassion and love can start to take over and we can heal ourselves and our planet.

Please take a listen to this conversation. It’s the most important one I feel like we can be having at this time. This is a huge wake up call for all of humanity. What if life and sharing wasn’t considered inconvenient? What if we could reconnect with self and shift our perspective of what we deem important?

Sandi says “Our personal suffering is because of the tension and eversions we have towards our own truth.”

What if we put nature and the truth of life first? 





Find Your Power In Your Feminine Heart

Find Your Power In Your Feminine Heart

Abneet Sandhar is OBSESSED with guiding women back to their inner healing capabilities and reclaiming their power.

On our LIVE we talked about what it’s like being pulled in so many different directions as we try to operate in a hyper-masculine way. We experience burn out, depression, anxiety and overwhelm. Abneet talks to us about how there could be another way:

Stepping into our Feminine heart.

Abneet teaches us how on the show.


“When we listen to our feminine heart we become the queen of ease.”
Abneet so clearly states, “Femininity is not a performance. It’s an inside job.”
It’s not pushing to be all the things to all the people and grasping for validation. It’s learning to lean in and listen to our truth and be willing to open to our sensitivities.
Abneet had her first initiation into the feminine heart with the Awakening Women’s Institute, where she learned about her goddess archetype. She surrendered her body and allowed the ecstasy of that feeling to guide her to becoming the Indian Mystic and a Wild Flowing River she is today.
She says we are not here to unplug but instead to train ourselves every day to leave the body open through breath, movement, and meditation.
“We are Earth. We have seasons,” and we have a sacred responsibility to brush the teeth of our soul every day.
All it takes is focus, attention, and discipline.
I say: “You can’t just believe it, you’ve got to vibe it.”
At the end of the episode we take you through a breath meditation to help you touch base with your feminine heart today.
Love + Big Light
3 days of Meditation

3 days of Meditation

I just finished a 3-day meditation workshop with Jay Suttonbrown and I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you. You may think of a 3-day mediation class as a monotonous thing, us sitting on a mat for hours at a time. While I did occupy a space of 2 feet by 6 feet for most of the class time, it was an expansive experience, to say the least. We transitioned through guided meditations, gong, mantra, laya, silent walks, and journaling.
Meditation is the state of contemplation and self-communication at such an intrinsic level that you tap into your subconscious. You are deepening your understanding of your full potential and limitlessness. You are the creator, creating creation. How does that feel?
Through meditation, we can relax and realize there is nothing for us to do except be. The life we may wish or desire will arise by being, without judgment or fear holding us back.  If your being is asking you to create, then we must do our best to listen. If it’s asking us to rest, then we must rest. If it’s asking us to act, then we must act. Through meditation, we are able to dismantle whatever constraints or obstacles we’ve put in our own way.
We have the inherent right to choose our own unique path and or infinite unfolding. It’s what some would say magic, yet I am starting to understand it as truth. What’s right? Only you know that for you, deep in your heart, and meditation gives you access and the chance to listen and explore it. There is so much to unpack and uncover and explore within your own being. Meditation is a miraculous adventure.
My 3-day trip showed me where I was stuck, where I still had work to do, what I had a hard time letting go of and what I was willing to allow. My meditation showed me what I am here to create and what I am at my core – A light being.
The bliss in this knowledge is indescribable.
Better than chocolate.
Now to allow the miracle to unfold and keep practicing being the person I choose to be. That’s why it’s called practice. 
Excerpts from my journal: 
Inside of me, I notice: Fear of the unknown, questioning so much in life, what it all means. Who am I, why does it matter.
Outside of me I notice: Peace and that so many things are right and beautiful. Quiet, so quiet. Not sure what to do with all the quiet.
The space within the space is: freedom
The space outside the space is: wonderment and the great mystery.
“Give Myself Freedom to Enjoy the Wonderment of Life.”
I allow myself to perceive and act on my inner wisdom. Sometimes my inner wisdom doesn’t feel based in knowledge or tangibility. Sometimes I ignore it for this reason. Or sometimes it’s my ego acting like my inner wisdom. I choose to perceive and act on my inner wisdom even if I don’t know where it’s taking me.
Happiness creates a beautiful homeostasis in the body. My role is to seek out and participate in happiness from a soul level.
If you’d like to try a meditation or yoga class, you can check out Jay Suttonbrown in Nanaimo. She’s one of my dear teachers and friends.
Lynda Honing and I will be teaching a meditation, reiki, yoga afternoon in South Surrey, Saturday, November 24th from 12-4pm ($40).
Awaken Your Light Retreat is January 18-20th at Tigh Na Mara – ticket info here.
My free 5-day Ignite Your Light within workshop will launch soon, get on the list to receive it as soon as it’s ready.
Whatever you choose to do, do it with love and light. 
My Own Struggle With Mental Health

My Own Struggle With Mental Health

Since it’s World Mental Health Day, I thought it was appropriate to share a stigma about my own mental health. Over the past 20 years, I have suffered from Panic Attacks and Anxiety caused by well, the unknown. I go into a place where nothing makes sense to me – my life, the universe, why we’re here, what it’s all for – to such a degree that I will actually think I am dying. Then, flight or fight kicks in and then I really feel like I am dying. And this scares the bejesus out of me because I have no idea where I’ll go. I’ll just be gone.


And the cycle continues. I somehow find my breathe and calm myself down and then I will think “hey, I am feeling great, what happened to that last bad thought? Oh, there it is.” And the anxiety reappears and off I go, lost in the abyss unable to move, function or do anything really accept panic, pace, shake or try and breathe it out. This has happened a few times to this extent in my life but the worst was last week.


I was attending an amazing event in Kelowna with some really dear friends of mine and for whatever reason, I just could not get a grip on this feeling. It took me out. It took me out so badly that I was literally in bed for days. I went to two doctors trying to get a pill or something to calm my nervous system and mind down but I walked out empty handed as both Doctors trusted I had the tools to calm myself. God damn yoga. But to be honest, I couldn’t do it alone.


It took my Mom. It took her comforting me, snuggling me and talking to me. Plus, my chats with my husband over the phone and all the other amazing support I received. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and why I was feeling like this.

I voiced that I was really sad. I was really sad that the world and the people in it were struggling. I am sad that so many people have suffered. I am sad that I don’t know how to fix it, I am sad we’re not better to our planet and I am sad that I have no idea what this all means.


I sometimes don’t know why my life has been so good and why I haven’t suffered like some people I know or why I haven’t had to triumph over some super crazy odds. I feel like I won the jackpot in life – where I live, my health, my friends, my husband, and even my dog. I mean don’t get me wrong, life isn’t always peachy, but it’s pretty amazingly sweet.


I FEEL SO BLESSED and taken care of and that makes me cry too! 
Since it’s only been a week since I had these debilitating thoughts and feelings and I have been OK now for a couple days, I don’t think I am able to speak in definite terms yet on the change and learning I will receive through this. Yet I know there are learnings.
If it doesn’t kill me, then it’s here to make me wiser. 
What I have taken out of this experience so far and the learnings I have integrated are: 

* I need to take care of my physical and mental health. That means eat consciously: watch what I put into my body and eradicate the addictive habits like wine every night to soothe and coffee in the morning for a high. I haven’t had either for a few weeks now and I am not sure what role they will play in my life going forward.


* Exercise, Kundalini and Meditate every day! These activities are my lifeblood. I need these moments to myself to function in a conscious loving way.


* Don’t take on other people’s suffering. When I am listening or reading about someone else’s sorrow or suffering it’s not mine to ingest and bring into my body or hold or try and fix. I am here to shine a light, offer guidance and support in ways that feel life-giving. Not where I take on the suffering too.


* Input vs. Output. I am steadily watching how many things I commit to and what I give my energy to. I need to make sure my cup is full (you know the saying) before I giveth to others. More so, just to be aware of how much I give, before I give back to myself. So I monitor all my activities to see if it’s an output or input and watch my boundaries between the two.


*I am in transition, and that’s a place too. So often I want to be somewhere, know it already, get to the destination. But in fact, not knowing is a destination in itself and it’s ok to be there. So that’s where I am. I have uprooted my life and moved to the island. I have started a new business which requires me to be completely vulnerable and brave as it’s finding its legs, because it’s me. Because I am ever changing, evolving and growing and being inspired by the minute, it’s hard to wrap myself up into a 2-dimensional website and brand copy.


All I know for sure is life is a mystery. I don’t have it all figured out. (Sorry Marie Forleo – not sure this one is figure-out-able) and if it is, well I think that’s when we might move on. That’s my theory but who knows for sure.


I know it’s OK to wade into the big mystery and to allow more for yourself. 
I don’t know it all, but I do know for sure that I am here to help uplevel our world by being more conscious, kind and creative and I believe my anxiety was here to let me know that it’s time to change.


I am open to see where it takes me.


If you are struggling with anxiety, my best advice would be to talk to someone.
Someone who can hold space for you to unpack what is real, and what is not and to shine a light into your depths so you can start to see the sun.


All my love to you today and always.

Thank you for reading.
The Feeling We Are Chasing With Things 

The Feeling We Are Chasing With Things 

In my meditation this morning it came to me, “why are we always seeking new things, like furniture, cars, clothes?” Because these things make us feel good about ourselves in some way. When we have those things, we have feelings like “I made it, I am of value, I am better than, I hope I look like a big deal and I supported someone I care about.” I know for me, when I got my dream car (my Mini Cooper) I thought, “I’ve made it! I am now successful.” Yet success or any feeling doesn’t last as long as the thing does, but we think it will. 


Feelings come and go as fast as you can purchase them. 


These ‘things’ are tokens of our preserved status or hierarchy in our little world. Because you are not really competing with everyone, you are just secretly competing with the people you care about or compare yourself to. “My life is going so much better than yours because I have this or that.” This is a hard truth, but if that new TV or that new pair of shoes didn’t ring some status symbol bell for you, I would call you out on your bull. You don’t buy uncomfortable shoes for you – you buy them for other people to look at. And you most certainly don’t buy the coolest TV on the market without having your buddies over to watch a game.


I do really admire people who don’t seem to have this ‘new stuff feeds a feeling’ need. They are quite content with their 20-year-old sofa and unmatched bath towels. But I wonder if that also makes them feel a certain way… like, “I’m not wealthy, I don’t deserve nice things,” or they truly believe they don’t have needs. Maybe that has it’s own symbolism as well. 
The reason I think this came to my mind – sitting listening to the universal messages swirling about, hoping to catch one and riff on it – is that we are creating too much. We are in constant creation, needing this, wanting that, and we are causing a lot of harm to our environment and ourselves because of it. And at the end of the day, aren’t the trees and nature and people more important than all this stuff? So when can we get off the stuff bandwagon and start to find good feelings within us without it?

That was my question.


And here was the answer I got: If you are able to find a sense of value, deep connection, joy, worthiness, confidence, and assurance just in yourself without anything else, then you are truly enlightened and deserve some praise. You are healing our world from the inside, thank you.

If those feelings can come from the inside without having something tangible to prove it, that’s total victory in my eyes. 


We don’t need to prove our worth to anyone but ourselves. I don’t know why this worthiness became such a source of contentment – maybe because people over the years have tried to beat it out of us to show power over our own free will and our spirits have just carried that burden for too long. It’s time to let it go. We can choose differently. We can choose not to associate a full feeling with a thing. We can choose to get it from helping another, volunteering, restoring our planet, meditating, nature, our family, friends or something that truly fills us. 


Because at the end of the day, all people are looking for when they purchase something is a way out. A way out of their struggle or unhappiness or their unsatisfactory life that they somehow got themselves in (by their own choices, may I add) and they need a little fix, a little something to bring them just an ounce of joy or delight even if it’s going to cost them in the long run. Not only figuratively – the planet won’t be able to keep up with our compulsion for stuff – but also our wallets.


Keeping up with the Joneses. Who cares about the Joneses?! They are unhappy.


So what is your answer?
What kind of need do you have for material things?
What things pull you away from what really matters in your life?
What stuff did you buy because you were feeling crappy about yourself?
What stuff do you own that you feel like you deserve because you have “arrived’ in some capacity?

It’s all a part of the rat race, it’s all a part of our need to be, look and feel like something. Why can’t we just BE REAL, admit our craziness, recognize where we’d like to improve and do our best to fix our inner turmoils so we have the energy and time to help the need of our people and planet? 


My side notes about stuff and where to spend your money. 
If you feel like you would like to decorate your house or your space in a ‘you’ kinda way, well there are many thrift stores and artists who can create things out of recycled materials. And there are always people getting rid of stuff! Be on the lookout and say “hey friend, when you’re done with that, I’d really like it.” I basically decorated my entire living room that way. 
When it comes to local artists, buy it if you love it. Support our local change-making creatives. 
If you are going to spend your money on something, buy anything to do with self-discovery, development, and expression. That is money well spent! That goes right into the long-lasting fulfillment tank. 

Support charities and organizations that are in the world helping people. 


Start to pull your spending away from bad business, people out to make a buck or destroy our health and our nature.
Look into funding campaigns and people doing good work like developing new technologies that help people and our world.  

As I move into being an even more conscious consumer, I was reminded of my need for things and wanted to share what intel I received. I hope you are also able to take a look and see where your spending habits come from and if they are feeding a feeling.

Love + Light