Release Stress By Mind Dumping

Vanessa Leung and I had such a great convo it was hard for me to stop. I love talking about the mind and the crazy ways it works to hold us back from what we truly want. We spoke about the importance of our internal weather and how we can learn to control its patterns. We talked about the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck from not being who we want to be.


My story is “I’m so overwhelmed,” but she showed me how easy it is to break. Just by noticing it. Isn’t that something.

We also talked about the importance of mind dumping to relieve stress. I didn’t know I was doing this but it turns out I have been actively mind dumping for years.



Master your Marketing Communication

Master your Marketing Communication

I’ve known Sandy Gerber for almost 10 years and the first time I saw her I was drawn in by her magnetic personality. And who knows, maybe she was doing a little bit of marketing communication voodoo on me as well.

I got to talk to her about this conversation or communication technique and I find it riveting how she sees the human mind at work trying to make decisions on what to buy or what to do.  She shows us in this interview that you can really have a way with words if you know what someone’s Decision Drivers™ are, which are unique for each individual person. 

I found out that mine are definitely an S and a V! Try and see what your love language for communication is as well.

She talks about them in this Live and I am sure you’ll relate to all 4 of them but you will have a dominating 1 or 2.
If you’re ready to take your marketing up a notch then check out her Influential Communications Mastery Program here!

Wishing you the utmost success in your business and life!