Island Life. The move to more freedom, nature and creativity

Island Life. The move to more freedom, nature and creativity

Well, I am sure you’ve witnessed the big move Ryan and I took to Vancouver Island. Some people have asked, “what was with the move, were you always planning on moving to the island, what influenced your choice, how is life over there?” So in this post, I will sum it all up.

First, Ryan’s family lives on the Island so we tend to come out a few times a year to visit and every time I do or when we’re here on business, I always think to myself, “Man, I love this place. Life feels easier, calmer and more nurturing than the mainland.” It was just a certain feeling I got when we stepped off the ferry. I think you can relate if you’ve ever visited the Island.

I was fortunate to attend Isabelle Mercier’s Island retreat in January and I remember sitting in her beautiful spacious living room looking out her big windows at all the nature surrounding her property and thought, ‘huh, I want this. I am moving to the island”. Now to get Ryan onboard.

So a few months went by, we were traveling all over the place for work and dreaming up what life might look like on the island with work, friends, family and all the other ties I had to the mainland. We figured that with our video company we could pretty much live anywhere close to the mainland as we travel for shoots all the time.

Next, I didn’t want to be a renter anymore. So if we were moving, we were going to buy something. I don’t know if it was great timing for that, but I felt adamant about owning. To own, we had 2 options (price wise) one, move to the interior, or the very outskirts of the lower mainland, or the Island. So we jokingly asked ourselves, “did we want to be red necks or hippies”? We choose hippies.

Ryan and I have been blessed to live a block from the ocean for over 5 years and so we really didn’t want to give it up. It had become a part of our lifestyle. So when our landlord unexpectedly gave us notice to move, I took it as a sign and got moving. We went to the island once to look at places (3 to be exact) and put an offer on the 2nd one we saw.

We moved here within a month. Now, what’s so cool about where we live (there’s a unit for sale right next door for $20K less then what we paid!! hint hint. I may be trying to get more people here. LOL) is the space, nature, and lifestyle. Ryan was really worried I would be super bored and depressed living so far away from the action and my life on the mainland but in fact, I find this place so soul nurturing and rich I couldn’t be loving it more! It’s a beautiful balance from my crazy fun work life and my need to retreat, create and expand.

So there you are. The full story revealed. Our place is so beautiful, it feels like we live in a vacation. We have trees in every window, a creek running in the backyard, a gym, hot tub, pool and my favourite part (from living in basements ALL MY LIFE – no joke) I am on the second and third floor!! We have stairs and double the amount of space I have ever lived in before! It’s so glorious, I count my blessings every day that we were able to make this work.


My day rolls out in a few ways… I either grab a coffee and go for a beach walk with Indy and hit my computer to work, or I head out to meetings or networking events, or Ryan and I cut loose early and go for a hike to the falls or adventure to some gorgeous place to explore. We love visitors, so we tour around wineries, find nice restaurants and enjoy the serene escape. I have an amazing yoga community here and loads of friends who have moved to the Island or have been here for years. I also have space to hold intimate gatherings and retreats, which has always been a dream of mine. So all and all, the move has been perfect.

secret waterfall at Holland Creek Park

Lisa and I at Cuckoo’s Italian Restaurant in Coombs

Ladies Retreat at my house

Blue Grouse Winery in Duncan

Indy at Pipers Lagoon contemplating a swim

Swimming in waterfalls

Indy exploring

Owl outside my office window

Kundalini in the backyard with my gal Jay